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General condition -

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  1. General Magixa

All our contracts, sales, deliveries and all other services, including

consulting services, are fully covered by these general conditions (GTC), unless

they have been modified or supplemented by written agreements. We refute the

general conditions of our business partners.

These are only valid if we have expressly recognized them. These general conditions take precedence over adjudication conditions.

2.Magixa offers and studies

Our offers are limited in time, either in accordance with legal provisions, or in accordance with the indications appearing in the offers. Our offers are confidential and will be sent exclusively to the persons responsible for their processing. We reserve the rights of ownership and copyright on all our preliminary projects and studies. Any partial or complete reproduction is prohibited except by written agreement. Oral agreements are only valid if they have been confirmed in writing, only signed offers will be considered accepted.

These documents are intended for the exclusive use of the principal and cannot under any circumstances serve as a basis or source of information for purposes other than those for which Magixa has been mandated.

3.Price and orders

The acceptance and execution of orders may be subject to a guarantee of

creditworthiness or an advance payment (product before manufacture 35% - during manufacture 30% balance before transport).

The carrier will be paid before the unloading of the products arrived at destination or according to contract.

orders made in writing (e-mail / fax) will be processed. Order cancellation or

termination of a contract is not possible. Our business partners are committed to respecting

our established prices and discounts.

The established project studies will be invoiced to the principal if they

are not followed by a corresponding command.

4.Transport and insurance

The delivery period begins upon receipt of the order confirmation with the stamp and the customer's signature, without any modification to it. Qualitative, quantitative and technical details will have to be settled beforehand. In the event of a possible delay in delivery, the customer is not entitled to cancel the order or to claim damages. We reserve the right to make a delivery to a late debtor only after full payment of his open invoices.

A bank guarantee against any damage is the responsibility of the buyer.

This must be stipulated in advance.

If the joint verification does not take place, it is the date of dispatch of the final invoice which launches the procedure for receiving the work.

5. Returns of Magixa goods

The customer has no right to return the ordered goods.

6. Terms of payment and retention of title Magixa

Unless otherwise provided, invoices are payable within 30 days net and without discount. We reserve the right to request another method of payment.

Withholding of payments and offsetting our claims with counter claims that we have not acknowledged is not permitted.

Advance payment may be required from new customers as well as from overseas customers. We reserve title to all products sold until full payment is made. All costs in connection with the collection of late payments including late payment interest and prosecution costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

7. Magixa warranty

Apart from the description appearing on the products, we make no formal guarantees. We exclude any warranty claims as to merchantability or fitness for the particular purpose. Having no control over the use of our products after sale, we decline all responsibility for consequential or subsequent damages. We reserve the right to rectify the defect by repairing it. Any additional warranty services, especially prohibitive action, price reduction or damages, are excluded. In particular, the costs related to the auxiliary means to access the products, the costs of disassembly and reassembly, storage or the costs of immediate or mediocre damage to objects that we have not recognized. We decline all responsibility if the customer modifies or transforms the

products after delivery.

Each user or consumer of our products must ensure before their use, their suitability for the intended use. He expressly accepts all the risks associated with the use of the product and is solely responsible for any resulting damage.

For all warranty claims. VIII. Place of jurisdiction For all possible disputes, Swiss law is applicable. Place of jurisdiction and place of performance is Vesin / Friborg.

Our company will always strive to find an amicable solution with our customers.

8. Surface treatment

In construction

9. Installation and assembly of the elements supplied by Magixa

All damage caused by third parties to the supplies placed or stored as well as the costs for the movement of temporary goods on the site are the responsibility of the customer.

If possible a dry and sheltered storage place should be provided.

The distribution of the goods by floor presupposes sufficiently wide and high passages. From the second floor, including the lower floors and basement, it is advisable to provide on each floor ramps or platforms that comply with SUVA regulations to allow reception inside by the crane or the lift. charge.

The weather conditions during the installation of the elements have a preponderant influence on the quality of execution of the works.

Conditions of high humidity, but also of rain, snow, fog etc., such as temperatures below + 5 ° C require special precautions before the start of work. Sealing joints, for example, should only be executed at temperatures above + 5 ° C.

Magixa declines all responsibility for the assembly of elements after delivery.

the installation of the glasses in wet or frosted battues must be refused for reasons of guarantee. In the event that the site manager should demand to continue the installation despite the conditions, it is his responsibility to create at his own expense, the conditions allowing work carried out in the rules of the art, namely, plastic cover, tarpaulins, heating and drying of frames and glazing.

10. Magixa deliveries

Magixa disclaims all responsibilities related to the transport of its elements between the manufacturing plant and the delivery location indicated and stipulated in the offer, it is the mandated carrier who is responsible for Magixa products during the transport period. .

The same goes for any delays related to traffic or customs clearance.

11. Plagiarism

Magixa condemns all plagiarism of the measurement sheets including the concept of sale by technical sheet and the rental of equipment set up by

Vesin on 12.15.2020

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