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Our range of exterior fittings should meet each of your criteria, if it is not the case,

do not hesitate to send us your comments on any desire and need.



With and thanks to you, we invent the trends.

Magixa brings together all the elements and materials with techniques and arts, allowing to arrange,
to fit out or tidy up inside your house, your apartment, or other buildings using materials such as metal, glass, wood, but also acrylic, printing, tints with colors and materials to go even further.
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The choice of a staircase must be made according to several criteria, in particular:

  • The space you have in the room (the footprint is more or less important depending on the type of staircase),

  • User comfort and safety (the height, width and depth of the steps are linked to it),

  • Interior decoration,

  • The budget.

There are many models of standard stairs, but you can also opt for a custom staircase.

Interior partition
The MB-80 OFFICE double glazed partition system is intended for making partitions in offices and other public utility premises. MB-80 OFFICE allows the use of different types of transparent and opaque infills with interior blinds and electrical and office equipment. These partitions are particularly recommended in buildings which require good sound insulation. The main feature of this construction is its versatility in the organization of office space and the simplicity of carrying out all the work on site.

Aluminum security window

a prison without bars

In establishments such as prisons and correctional facilities, the grilles in the windows can be partially installed to achieve a more "civilized" appearance of the building. This is possible thanks to the special burglar-proof windows, which aim to prevent an escape from prison. These windows, in addition to the mandatory set with glass and security hardware, have additional security “covers” from the outside. This prevents access to the glass fixing rods and lifting the leaf. The hidden hardware is completed by reinforced security solutions: removable handle and security lock. Windows manufactured in this way meet the requirements for class RC4.

fenèetre anti effraction.jpg
Safety barrier

A dissuasive and effective security up to standard

For windows, wolf jump, door

Stainless steel bars

Sealing fixing

Construction suitable for all materials

barreaudage de sécurité inox
Janisol stainless steel profile - Safety steel

The high strength of steel and stainless steel predestines Janisol for buildings with high traffic, such as schools, hospitals, sports centers and similar structures. The stainless steel execution gives a special shine and reduces maintenance to a minimum. Janisol stainless steel doors are therefore a natural fit for shopping malls, train stations, banks and hotels.

porte inox.jpg
safety through glass
According to the need and its requirements under standards / EN 356- EN1063 - EN 13541
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